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A detective (Elizabeth Moss) investigates the disappearance of a 12-year-old pregnant daughter of a local drug lord.


Top of the Lake is a 2013 television drama miniseries co-produced by BBC Two in the UK, UKTV in Australia/NZ and Sundance Channel in the United States.

Role: Main Titles Director and Designer. Visual researcher for Jane Campion and director’s assistant to Garth Davis on location in New Zealand.
Director of DVD Extra “What Women Want”



Ali, desperate and dying in a war ravaged landscape, is seduced by a mirage from a distant world where pop culture reigns. He discovers that his fate is held in the hands of two teenagers caught in their own game of seduction.

Official Selection at the Montreal Film Festival 2008.

Music video for the band Dappled Cities, with Dangerbird Records USA. Screened on US & Australian MTV, Channel V and Rage. Direction, production, concept design, animation and edit. 2008.

A live action and animation hybrid art-film directed by Leonie Savvides in 2007, in collaboration with composer Mark Bradshaw. Dozens of kid’s drawings were collected from friends of the director and animated, then made to explore a world where eduction and creativity compete.